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Alternative forms[edit]


strong-minded (comparative more strong-minded, superlative most strong-minded)

  1. Having a vigorous, independent will and views.
    • 2009, Emmy van Deurzen, Everyday Mysteries: A Handbook of Existential Psychotherapy, →ISBN:
      Recognising that we are strong-minded is not the same as accepting ourselves to be stubborn or obstinate.
  2. (archaic, of women) Mannish, lacking softness and femininity
    • 1843, Charles Dickens, Martin Chuzzlewit:
      Then there was the widow of a deceased brother of Mr Martin Chuzzlewit, who being almost supernaturally disagreeable, and having a dreary face and a bony figure and a masculine voice, was, in right of these qualities, what is commonly called a strong-minded woman; and who, if she could, would have established her claim to the title, and have shown herself, mentally speaking, a perfect Samson, by shutting up her brother-in-law in a private madhouse, until he proved his complete sanity by loving her very much.