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  1. (obsolete) simple past tense of strike
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    • 1678, Nathaniel Wanley, The Wonders of the Little World Or a General History of Man (page 210)
      Then the Romans in Antonia fearing his life, cryed out; but the Jews, many at once, strook him with Swords and Spears.

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strook c (plural stroken, diminutive strookje n)

  1. stripe
  2. strip

Derived terms[edit]


Middle English[edit]


strook (plural strooks)

  1. stroke
    • 14th Century, Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales, The Knight's Tale
      The brighte swerdes wenten to and fro
      So hidously þat with þe leste strook
      That it semeþ þat it wolde felle an ook