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sugar +‎ bush, in reference to the sugary maple sap.


sugarbush (plural sugarbushes)

  1. A grove of maple trees.
    • 1999, U.S. Congress, NOx State Implementation Plans: hearing before the Subcommittee on Clean Air, Wetlands, Private Property, and Nuclear Safety [1]
      Indeed, acid rain has long been pointed to as the culprit in the diminished productivity and value of northern Maine and Vermont sugarbush (maple syrup producing trees).
    • 2001, Howard Paap, Northern Land: Life with the Ojibwe [2]
      The labor I offer in my friends' sugarbush is strenuous, but it brings a welcome fatigue.
    • 2006, Elaine Elliot, Maple Syrup [3]
      Then rough lean-tos and later huts were constructed near the sugarbush to offer some protection to the syrup and the boiler.


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