sulphur tuft

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Sulphur tuft

Alternative forms[edit]


sulphur tuft (plural sulphur tufts)

  1. (mycology) A yellow poisonous fungus, Hypholoma fasciculare (= Naematoloma fasciculare).
    • 1992, David W. Fischer, Alan E. Bessette, Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America: A Field-to-kitchen Guide, page 81,
      Several of the key identifying characteristics listed above are expressly designed to rule out the poisonous Sulphur Tuft (N.fasaculare; see p. 159). It occasionally has been mistaken for the Smoky-gilled Naematoloma, but the toxic species has a greenish yellow to bright orangish yellow cap and, usually, bitter-tasting flesh. The gills of young Sulphur Tufts are greenish yellow to sulphur yellow, darkening to purplish brown in age.
    • 2003, Charles L. Fergus, Common Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of the Northeast, page 25,
      The similar but less common Sulphur Tuft, Hypholoma fasciculare, is a yellow mushroom yielding a purple-brown spore print; it grows on logs and stumps. The Sulphur Tuft is very bitter. Poisonous, it causes nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.
    • 2012, Rachel Joyce, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, page 209,
      There were good fungi and bad ones, he said; you had to learn the difference. You had to be sure, for instance, that you didn't pick sulphur tufts instead of branching oysters.