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sunrise +‎ -er


sunriser (plural sunrisers)

  1. An early riser who gets up at dawn.
    • 1916, Anne Shannon Monroe, Happy Valley: A Story of Oregon, page 129:
      He was up with the first “sunrisers” and his ax was the last to break the stillness at night.
    • 1958, Jean Ariss, The quick years, page 219:
      When he woke that morning she was sitting up. That in itself was unusual, for Joseph is a sunriser.
    • 1978, Brand Book, page 26:
      For the ambitious passengers there is always the opportunity to jog around the deck followed up by an early sunriser's breakfast.
    • 2003, Roberta Martin Starry, Gold Gamble, page 156:
      The moonshiners are now only a memory, but the sunrisers have grown into many hundreds, with trailers and campers pulling into Red Rock Canyon days early for a good parking spot.
  2. An alcoholic beverage drunk early in the morning.
    • 1978, Noel Pierce, Praetorius Point, page 167:
      Stefan took out a brandy flask. "Would you like a sunriser?"
    • 1990, Kenneth M. Cameron, Into Africa: the story of the East African safari, page 128:
      So far as I could see, the African resident likes a sunriser, an eleven o'clocker, an appetizer before lunch, a great many sundowners, and a few nightcaps.
  3. One who likes novelty and change; one who is optimistic about new endeavors.
    • 1986, Management Today:
      What causes this resistance is among the great mysterious defects of national life. But is it, as the sunrisers claim, diminishing in its obstructive force?
    • 1986, Harvard University. Program on U.S.-Japan Relations, Annual Review, page 7:
      Those who put priority on promoting high tech industry (sunrisers) and those who emphasized the need to protect declining industries (sunsetters) were unable to agree on a common approach.
    • 2013, John Hunt, The Art of the Idea: And How It Can Change Your Life, page 20:
      A sunriser goes through life open to the idea that the best may still be coming.