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From super- (above, over) +‎ arrival.


superarrival (plural superarrivals)

  1. (physics) The occurrence of a time interval of raised probability of a quantum wave packet being reflected at a barrier when that barrier is lowered (or transmitted when the barrier is raised).
    • 2002, A. S. Majumdar, Dipankar Home, Quantum Information Transfer Using a Time-Dependent Boundary Condition, Yoshimasa A Ono, Kazuo Fujikawa (editors), Foundations of Quantum Mechanics in the Light of New Technology: ISQM - Tokyo '01, page 72,
      Here we suggest a scheme for secure information transfer using superarrivals.
    • 2004, American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Reviews: Annual Index — 2004, page 1564,
      Majumdar, A. S. (with Ali, Md Manirul, Home, Dipankar), Understanding quantum superarrivals using the Bohmian model. (English summary) Phys. Lett. A 304 (2002), no. 3–4, []