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super- +‎ fine


superfine (comparative more superfine, superlative most superfine)

  1. Extremely or especially fine.
    Some recipes call for superfine sugar because it dissolves easier.
    • 1726, The Political state of Great Britain, page 370:
      Twelve years ago they made only course [sic] Cloth, but now they weave superfine, and fine Cloth.
  2. Of a very high or pure grade.
    • 1799, The laboratory; or, School of arts, page 225:
      With respect to the matter of the medals, we must observe that, for the generality, they are made of pure gold or silver, without the allay of any other metal. Some indeed are struck on superfine copper.
    • 1932 August 26, “Combination Dinner Set / Of 121 Pieces for 27.50”, in Calgary Daily Herald:
      This set contains 97 pieces of superfine china and 24 pieces of etched Belgian glassware

Derived terms[edit]