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Borrowed from French soutenir, Latin sustineō, with conjugation based on ține.


  • IPA(key): /susˈt͡
  • Audio:(file)
  • Rhymes: -ine



a susține (third-person singular present susține, past participle susținut) 3rd conj.

  1. (transitive) to support (keep in position)
    Synonyms: sprijini, propti, rezema, ține
    Un stâlp susține poarta.
    A pillar supports the gate.
  2. (transitive) to support (to be in support of)
    Synonyms: sprijini, apăra
    A susținut cauza revoluției.
    He supported the revolution’s cause.
  3. (transitive) to support (lend credibility to)
    Synonyms: afirma, sprijini
    Mărturia lui susține teoria ta.
    His testimony supports your theory.
  4. (transitive or reflexive) to support, sustain others, respectively oneself (help by material means)
    Synonyms: ajuta, întreține
  5. (intransitive) to claim, affirm
    Synonyms: afirma, pretinde
    Ea poate susține că a fost autoapărare.
    She can claim that it was self-defense.
  6. (transitive, formal) to undergo, take an evaluation
    Synonym: da
    Mai mult de o sută de mii de liceeni vor susține examenul de bacalaureat.
    More than a hundred thousand high schoolers will take the Baccalaureate exam.
  7. (transitive) to hold a presentation, present
    a își susține lucrarea de licențăto defend one’s bachelor thesis
    Invitați din mai multe țări susțin conferințe.
    Guests from various countries are holding conferences.



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