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From sweet +‎ -kin. Cognate with Middle Dutch soetken (a sweetheart).


sweetkin (plural sweetkins)

  1. A sweetheart; darling.
    • 2004, Debbie Taylor, The Fourth Queen: A Novel:
      "There now, my sweetkin. Don't be scared. It's just a silly old eunuch."
    • 2009, Cassandra Clark, Hangman Blind:
      The screaming stopped briefly for want of breath and, quickly noticing his wife's expression and without an iota of guile evident, he said, 'On the other hand, my sweetkin, maybe you're right, you always are, you're so clever, so yes, []
    • 2010, Catherine Fisher, Sapphique:
      “How clever of you, sweetkin. So it is.”


sweetkin (comparative more sweetkin, superlative most sweetkin)

  1. Sweet; lovely.