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Alternative forms[edit]


From swot +‎ vac (vacation).


swot vac (plural swot vacs)

  1. (Australia, education, informal) In secondary and tertiary education, a period of non-teaching prior to examinations.
    • 1968 John Burville Biggs, Information and human learning, Cassell Australia
      This is clearly what happens in the "swot-vac" phenomenon: the student rote-learns his material for just long enough to see the exam through.
    • 2003 Frank William Coaldrake, Maida Coaldrake & William Howard Coaldrake, Japan from war to peace: the Coaldrake records 1939-1956, Routledge, p234
      In the old days it was probably quite a sound alternative to the "swot-vac" spent in cold towels and black coffee or benzedrine as done in Australia.
    • 2004 Joanne Horniman, Secret Scribbled Notebooks, Allen & Unwin, p28
      I reminded her that it was the September holidays, and after that I was off on swot vac until the exams started.
    • 2006 Vaughan Nikitin, Wurruk: Reflections in Black and White, p249
      She died during the swotvac before my third year exams.