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Tālrunis (1)


From tāls (far) +‎ runa (talk), made into a masculine 2nd-declension noun (ending -is). Apparently a calque of German Fernsprecher, itself a calque of French téléphone, a word coined in the 1830s from two Ancient Greek elements, τῆλε (têle, afar) and φωνή (phōnḗ, voice, sound).


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tālrunis m (2nd declension)

  1. telephone set, phone (electronic device used for communication between two people)
    pacelt, nocelt tālruņa klausuli‎ ― to pick up the telephone receiver
    Seržant, jūsu kabinetā zvana tālrunis!‎ ― sergeant, the phone is ringing in your office!
    tūlīt no stacijas viņa iezavnīja uz māju, bet neviens pie tālruņa nepienāca‎ ― she immediately called home from the station, but nobody came to the phone
  2. telephone (that part of a telephone set that converts electrical impulses into sound)
    paziņot pa tālruni‎ ― to report by telephone
    viņš tālrunī visādi izrunājās ar mani, bet, kad ir izdevība pabūt aci pret aci, tad vienaldzīgi aiziet‎ ― he talks with me in all ways (= about everything) on the phone, but when there is a chance to be together face to face (lit. eye to eye), then he leaves indifferently
  3. telephone number
    “labi, piezvaniet man rīt pat,” un Birgita pateica savas darba vietas tālruni'‎ ― “OK, do call me tomorrow,” and Birgita told (him) her workplace phone (number)



Derived terms[edit]