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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from Persian تحریر(tahrir), from Arabic تَحْرِير(taḥrīr, liberation; release).


tahrir (plural tahrirs)

  1. (music) a type of ornament; especially the variant used in the Near and Middle East
    • 2009, Owen Wright, Touraj Kiaras, Touraj Kiaras and Persian Classical Music: An Analytical Perspective, page 103:
      Karimi includes an extensive tahrir within the final syllable of the verse ...
    • 2012, Lloyd Miller, Music and Song in Persia (RLE Iran B): The Art of Avaz, page 109:
      But it should be emphasized that Iran and Azerbāijān, which partake of the same musical culture, have the most intricate and highly elaborate form of tahrir in the world.