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Alternative forms[edit]


1772, UK, probably alteration of French taïaut (interjection used in deer-hunting),[1] from Middle French tahou, tayo, from Old French taho, ta ho, tielau (interjection given to hounds to return) (second half of 13th century), composed of ta (particle used to prod animals) + ho ! (halt!, hold!).[2] More at ho.



  1. (Britain) used to urge on a fox hunt, especially when the fox is sighted.
    There he is! Coming out of that coppice! Tallyho tallyho tallyho!
  2. a simple greeting, exclusively used by the upper classes.
    Tallyho chaps! What's the time, anybody?
  3. (radio, aviation) target sighted.
    (Air Traffic Control): Speedbird 123, New York, traffic at two o’clock, seven miles, a Boeing 737, west-bound, at 4000 feet.”
    (Pilot): New York, Speedbird 123, tallyho.

Usage notes[edit]

In aviation radio usage, typically abbreviated to tally. In civilian aviation usage, the official term for “traffic sighted” is “traffic in sight”.[3]


Derived terms[edit]

See also[edit]


tallyho (plural tallyhos)

  1. the interjection.
    Alright, I'll give them the old tallyho.
  2. (dated) A pleasure coach.
    • 1900, Rebecca Sophia Clarke, Jimmy, Lucy, and All
      They could not come to-day; there would have been hardly room for them in the tallyho.


tallyho (third-person singular simple present tallyhos, present participle tallyhoing, simple past and past participle tallyhoed)

  1. to articulate the interjection.
    I'll tallyho once we've got to the top.


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