tap in

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See also: tapin and tap-in


Alternative forms[edit]


tap in (plural tap ins)

  1. (golf) A simple, short putt very close to the hole.
  2. (soccer) A simple shot into the goal from close range, and without opposition.


tap in (third-person singular simple present taps in, present participle tapping in, simple past and past participle tapped in)

  1. (soccer) To kick a simple shot, without opposition, from close range into the goal.
    • 2011, Phil McNulty, Euro 2012: Montenegro 2-2 England[1]:
      Bent was again left with the simplest of finishes when Rooney picked out Young and he unselfishly crossed for Bent to tap in from inside the six-yard area.
  2. To enter a public transport system (especially the London Underground) by tapping a travelcard on the card-reader