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A late 19th-century coinage, from the same stem as the verb taustīt (to smell) (q.v.), made into a 5th-declension feminine noun.[1]


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tauste f (5th declension)

  1. (sense) touch (the capacity to perceive the external world and its objects by feeling them, especially with one's hands)
    taustes orgāni, analizatoritactile organs, system
    taustes sajūtas, priekšstatitactile sensations, perceptions
    taustes atmiņatactile memory
    noteikt priekšmetus pēc taustes' to identify objects by touch
    bērni attīsta sevī taustes izjūtu, viņiem vajag visu aptaustītchildren are developing in themselves the sense of touch, they need to touch and feel everything
    rāpuļiem labi attīstīta arī tauste; šajā ziņā sevišķi jutīga tiem ir mēlereptiles have a well developed (sense of) touch; in this respect, their tongue is particularly sensitive


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