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From the same stem as the verb redzēt(to see) (q.v.), made into a 5th-declension feminine noun.


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redze f (5th declension)

  1. (sense) vision, eyesight (the capacity to perceive the external world visually)
    asa, vāja, normāla redze'‎ ― sharp, poor, normal eyesight
    pasliktināta redze‎ ― impaired vision
    redzes spēja‎ ― vision, visual capacity
    redzes orgāns, nervs‎ ― organ of sight, optic nerve
    redzes sajūtas, iespaidi‎ ― visual sensations, impressions
    redzes asums‎ ― visual acuity
    pārbaudīt redzi‎ ― to check, to test (one's) eyesight
    piepūlēt redzi‎ ― to strain (one's) eyesight
    zaudēt redzi‎ ― to lose (one's) eyesight
    acs redzes ass‎ ― visual axis
    telpiskā redze‎ ― spatial vision
    krāsu redze‎ ― color vision
    binokulārā redze‎ ― binocular vision
    redzes leņķis‎ ― angle of vision
    redzes lauks, loks‎ ― field, arch of vision
    redzes atmiņa‎ ― visual memory


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