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Alternative forms[edit]


tax +‎ man



taxman (plural taxmen)

  1. (sometimes derogatory) A tax collector.
    • 1668 July 3rd, James Dalrymple, “Thomas Rue contra Andrew Houſtoun” in The Deciſions of the Lords of Council & Seſſion I (Edinburgh, 1683), page 547
      Andrew Houſtoun and Adam Muſhet, being Tackſmen of the Excize, did Imploy Thomas Rue to be their Collector, and gave him a Sallary of 30. pound Sterling for a year.
  2. (sometimes derogatory) A tax-collecting organ, personified.
    • 1966, The Kinks, Sunny Afternoon
      The taxman’s taken all my dough.
      Left me in my stately home.
    • 1978, The Estates, Gifts and Trusts Journal
      ... a duty even more dreaded: to pay taxes. The taxman is primarily interested in those strong enough to create and lucky enough to sell.
    • 2013, Tom Parker Bowles, The Year of Eating Dangerously: A Global Adventure in Search of Culinary Extremes, St. Martin's Press (→ISBN)
      The taxman is an especially hated presence. 'Let's just say that certain elements around these parts could live without their company,' observes one ...

Usage notes[edit]