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tell-all (plural tell-alls)

  1. A publication, usually a book or magazine article, which tells all, revealing everything, particularly what is normally withheld.
    • 2011, Star Jones, Satan's Sisters: A Novel Work of Fiction, page 23:
      Of all the people in the world to write a tell-all about The Lunch Club, it had to be Missy Adams?!
    • 2010, Zoe Fishman, Balancing Acts: A Novel, page 357:
      Surprise! I wrote a tell-all about each and every one of you!
    • 2009, Kennedy Shaw, Tour of Duty, page 308:
      Mikerra had been offered a seven-figure book deal for a tell-all chronicling her relationship with Senator McCaffrey, his death, and the project's ultimate demise.
    • 1998, Laurie Stone, Close to the Bone: Memoirs of Hurt, Rage, and Desire, page xi:
      At this point, we could all write a tell-all about our tabloid childhoods and contrive an autobiographical performance about the pleasures of humiliation.


tell-all (not comparable)

  1. Telling all; revealing everything, particularly what is normally withheld.
    The statesman's tell-all memoirs were not published until long after death.
    Open source is a tell-all software development strategy.