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From Latin testāmur (we testify).


testamur (plural testamurs)

  1. A certificate of successful completion of an examination.
    • 1868, Mark Pattison, Suggestions on Academical Organisation, Esmonston and Douglas, Edinburgh, page 249,
      Are the students, as part of the qualification for the degree, to be required to attend given courses of lectures, and to produce a testamur of attendance from the instructor, along with a testamur of proficiency from the examiner ?
    • 1911, Commonwealth Shipping Committee, Reports, Volume 16, page 150,
      It has already been mentioned that we are prepared to recommend the issue of a Secondary School Testamur to pupils who have to leave school before they are able to take the Secondary School Certificate [] .
    • 1961, US Department of Commerce, Report of the 46th National Conference on Weights and Measures, page 57,
      Since then, 116 holders of the Institute′s Testamur have availed themselves of the exemption and 90 have subsequently secured the Board of Trade Certificate.
    • 2000 May, Microbiology Australia, page 35,
      The names of successful candidates will be announced at the Annual General Meeting of the Society and published in Microbiology Australia. Each will be issued a testamur of fellowship bearing the Seal of the Society.
    • 2008, James McNaught, Sinking Sand, Lulu, page 227,
      Andrea was a bit disappointed that she wasn′t the first graduand to go up and get here[sic] testamur.

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  1. first-person plural present active indicative of testor