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From Proto-Vietic *-siːt; cognate with Muong thịt and Chut [Rục] sit⁸. Compare thức, which has same initial development.



(classifier miếng, cục) thịt (, 𦧘, 𬚸)

  1. human or animal flesh, especially meat, but mostly except fish flesh
    thịt lợn/heo
    thịt trâu
    water buffalo beef
    thịt bò
    Southern Yellow zebu beef
    thịt gà
    thịt vịt
    duck meat
    thịt chó
    dog meat
    thịt mèo
    cat meat
    thịt người
    human flesh, as eaten by cannibals or predators
    thịt cá
    meat and fish
    thịt nạc
    non-fat meat
    thịt mỡ
    fat attached to meat
    da thịt
    human flesh, as something that makes humans human
    (literally, “skin and flesh”)
    máu thịt
    (our country, people, etc., as) part of us, as integral as our flesh and blood
    (literally, “blood and flesh”)

Derived terms[edit]

Derived terms