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Blend of this +‎ ish (issue)


thish (uncountable)

  1. (dated, fandom slang) A self-reference to the current issue of a periodical.
    • 1961 November-December, Hoffman, Lee, Science-Fiction Five-Yearly[1], number 3, page 30:
      Much thanks to those of you who were going to write for thish, but failed to make the deadline. Deadline nextish is July 1966...
    • 1996 March, Cameron, R. Graeme, “Editorial”, in The Space Cadet Gazette[2], volume 3, number 1 (whole number 5), page 2:
      I was simply too stressed to sit down and work on this zine. That I finally got around to publishing thish is not, alas, due to my problems being resolved but rather to a sudden determination on my part to lose myself in the task and thus escape from all that dogs me, if only for a little while.
  2. (dated, fandom slang) A reference to the specific issue of a peridocial currently under discussion.
    • 1953 August, Clarkson, D., “[letter]”, in Thrilling Wonder Stories, volume 42, number 3, page 135:
      Thish of TWS was really a shock to me, and I'm not pulling any punches!
    • 1955 Spring, Scott, Pat, “Pat Me Gently [letter]”, in Planet Stories[3], volume 6, number 10, page 92:
      Only story I really enjoyed in thish was THE VANISHER.