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From tie +‎ break.


tiebreak (plural tiebreaks)

  1. (sports) A tiebreaker, a game or an extension to a game played to resolve a tied score.
    • 1988, Anne Pittman, Tennis, page 100,
      Should the score in the tiebreak become tied at 6 points all, play must continue until one player has a two point advantage.
    • 2003, Athanasios Papageorgiou, Willy Spitzley, Handbook for Competitive Volleyball, Meyer & Meyer, UK, page 297,
      If there have not been any major errors in the service reception, then the service reception strategy should not be changed during the tiebreak.
    • 2009, January 23, “Bruce Matthews”, in Gooch gets a hand[1]:
      Simon committed only one unforced error in the 47-minute opening set, which required a tiebreak to settle it.




tiebreak m (plural tiebreaks)

  1. (sports) tiebreak