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tied ‎(comparative more tied, superlative most tied)

  1. Connected.
    As a couple, they are strongly tied to one another.
    • 1961 October 19, “Berliner Discusses ' Problem”, Daily Collegian, State College, PA:
      It is financially too tied to West Germany to exist by itself, he explained .
    • 2003 June 24, “Why Cut Rates Again When Recovery Is Near?”, Hartford (CT) Courant:
      But this time -- because of the rare and dangerous threat of widespread price declines -- the anticipated rate cut is even more tied to mental mechanics.
    • 2008 March 27, “Obama: Clinton too tied to DC insiders”, Myrtle Beach (NC) Sun News:
      Sen. Barack Obama said Wednesday that his chief rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, was too closely tied to the Washington status quo to bring about change.
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    • 1962 September 18, “29 Escape By Tunnel”, Ocala (FL) Star-Banner:
      The city has at times fogged the outside-ocala area, but the county claims its hands are too tied, legally and financially, for it to render much aid.
    • 1966 June 15, “How Far Will The High Court Go?”, Eugene (OR) Register-Guard:
      Unquestionably many persons, guilty as sin, will now go free because the policeman's hands are tied, even more tied than they were as the result of similar decisions over the last five years.
    • 1995 March 16, “Team Turmoil: No Peace, No Chance”, New York Daily News:
      The fact that we weren't tied together as a team last year cost us the championship. Houston was more tied together as a team than us."
  3. (sports) That resulted in a tie.
    • Only two tied Test matches have occurred in the 2,000 Tests played since 1877.



  1. simple past tense and past participle of tie




  • IPA(key): /ˈtijɛd/
  • Hyphenation: ti‧ed



  1. Alternative spelling of tiéd



tied ‎(plural tieds)

  1. tea