tighty whities

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Alternative forms[edit]


From tight +‎ -y and white +‎ -y.


tighty whities pl (plural only)

  1. (slang, derogatory) Men's or boys' white briefs.
    • 1990 March 11, Chris Cleeland, “Large breasts”, in alt.sex, Usenet[1]:
      [W]hat do you females (lurkers included :-) think of boxers as opposed to the traditional Fruit-O-The-Loom/Hanes "tighty-whities"?
    • 1995, National Speleological Society, Nittany Grotto News:
      I had the pleasure of seeing the boys and their tighty whities as they changed to clean clothes. Nikki and I didn't have clean clothes []
    • 1999, Noah Hawley, A Conspiracy of Tall Men, page 345:
      Forbes, in his tighty whities and black socks, seems an incongruous apparition against the sense of home the kitchen implies.
    • 2000, Edward Lerner, Creative Destruction, page 29:
      It would indeed be great if my red socks and my tighty whities declared themselves to my washer.


Derived terms[edit]