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time +‎ slip


timeslip (plural timeslips)

  1. A timesheet.
    • 1937, US National Railroad Adjustment Board, Awards
      Fireman Iver Peterson, whom Fireman Cunningham displaced, also submitted a timeslip claiming 100 miles for deadheading...
    • 1970, Management Accounting
      Every train crew fills out a timeslip that contains sufficient information with which to compute the crew's hourly wage rate.
    • 1990, Menu International Software, The Software Catalog: Microcomputers, Winter, 1990
      Change a timeslip into an 'expense-slip' to track costs.
  2. (science fiction) A phenomenon that causes unexpected time travel.
    • 1996, Rebecca A Umland, The use of Arthurian legend in Hollywood film
      In any case, neither Morris nor Adeler used a timeslip like Twain.
    • 1999, John Clute, John Grant, The Encyclopedia of Fantasy
      And, although not in a timeslip tale, the horse protagonist of Richard Adams's Traveler (1988) is a creature inherently bound to General Lee...
    • 2002, Melissa Scott, The Garden
      For an instant, she felt as though she were caught in a timeslip — her crew suffering from scurvy, the transporter a significant advantage...
    • 2003, Edward James, Farah Mendlesohn, The Cambridge companion to science fiction
      He Walked Around the Horses by H. Beam Piper (1948) uses a timeslip to explain a mysterious actual event summarized in the story's prologue...
    • 2007, Dominic Head, Ian McEwan
      In an apparently fantastic moment, Stephen experiences a timeslip that enables him to secure his own existence.