tin anniversary

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From the practice, popularised during the Victorian era, of giving gifts made out of specific materials on particular wedding anniversaries, such as tin for the tenth.[1]


  • (US) IPA(key): /ˈtɪn ænɪˌvɜɹsəɹi/, /ˈtɪn ænəˌvɜɹsəɹi/


tin anniversary (plural tin anniversaries)

  1. (informal) The tenth anniversary of something, especially a wedding.
    • 1977, "The Golden Landmark", The Sumter Daily Item, 9 September 1977:
      And a couple marrying at age 65 today can look forward to their tin anniversary, or at least 10 years of marriage.
    • 1991, Craig R. Whitney, "An Anniversary Dinner That's a Feast for Gossips", The New York Times, 30 July 1991:
      Their tin anniversary [Prince Charles and Princess Diana's] today has been kicked around by Fleet Street so hard it almost rattles, but millions of Britons and other royal-watchers around the world are wont to hear all the dirt, making publishers of racy newspapers and glossy magazines rich.
    • 2011, Jameson Berkow, "Bootup: Major Apple product launch rumoured for Thursday", Financial Post, 17 May 2011:
      The connection to a possible launch is that Apple opened its first two retail stores on that date in 2001; suggesting the Cupertino, Calif.-based company might be planning something special to celebrate its tin anniversary.




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