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Noun of action from tintinnabulate, from Latin tintinnabulum (a bell), from tintinō, a reduplicated form of tinniō (ring, jingle).


  • (US) IPA(key): /ˌtɪntɪnˌnæbjəˈleʃən/
  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˌtɪntɪnˌnæbjuːˈleʃən/
    • (file)


tintinnabulation (countable and uncountable, plural tintinnabulations)

  1. A tinkling sound, as of a bell or of breaking glass.
    • 1919, Ronald Firbank, Valmouth, Duckworth, hardback edition, page 20
      Across the darkling meadows, from the heights of Hare, the tintinnabulation sounded mournfully, penetrating the curl-wreathed tympanums of Lady Parvula de Panzoust.
  2. The ringing of bells.
    • 1849, Edgar Allan Poe, The Bells
      Keeping time, time, time,
      In a sort of Runic rhyme,
      To the tintinnabulation that so musically wells
      From the bells, bells, bells, bells,
      Bells, bells, bells —
      From the jingling and the tinkling of the bells.

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