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toss off (third-person singular simple present tosses off, present participle tossing off, simple past and past participle tossed off)

  1. To drink up rapidly.
    Let me toss off this beer first.
  2. To assemble hastily.
    I tossed off a letter to the local council.
  3. (Britain, vulgar, slang) To masturbate.
  4. To deliver in an offhand manner.
    • 2017 August 13, Brandon Nowalk, “Oldtown offers one last game-changing secret as Game Of Thrones goes behind enemy lines (newbies)”, in The Onion AV Club[1]:
      Tyrion tells him a great house (the Tyrells) has already been wiped out of history. “Don’t let it happen again.” But he says it like a trusted authority, a casual command, not taking the boy seriously. Basically, he tosses off the line, expecting that to be the end of the conversation