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touch +‎ line


touchline (plural touchlines)

  1. (sports) One of the lines that mark the border limits of the pitch. Used in rugby union, rugby league and association football.
    Synonym: (in Canadian football, field lacrosse and basketball) sideline
    • 2012 April 21, Jonathan Jurejko, “Newcastle 3-0 Stoke”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      French winger Hatem Ben Arfa has also taken plenty of plaudits recently and he was the architect of the opening goal with some superb trickery on the left touchline.
    • 2022, Liam McIlvanney, The Heretic, page 107:
      Some kids were having a kickabout on the grass beside the walkway, cheering, groaning, calling for the ball, absorbed in the game, a self-contained universe marked out by jackets for goalposts and invisible touchlines.