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Inherited from Middle French traicter, from Old French tretier, traitier, traiter, from Latin tractāre (to pull, manage), from the past participle stem of trahō (to draw, pull) (cf. tractus, whence French trait). See also tracter.


  • IPA(key): /tʁɛ.te/, /tʁe.te/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: trai‧ter



  1. (transitive) to treat
    bien traiter quelqu’unto treat someone well
  2. (transitive) to take care (of)
    être traité pour, se faire traiter pourto undergo treatment for (a condition)
  3. (transitive) to process, spray, coat
    Les champs de blé étaient traités avec des pesticides par avion.The wheat fields were aerially sprayed with pesticide.
  4. (transitive, data processing) to process
    Les opérateurs de l’équipe de nuit traitent les tâches par lots.The night shift operators process batch jobs.
  5. (ditransitive, with the indirect object taking de) to call, label (something negative)
    Synonyms: qualifier, taxer
    Ils l’ont traitée de menteuse.They called her a liar.
    Il m’a traité de tous les noms.He called me every name under the sun.
  6. (transitive with de) to deal with, handle (i.e. commerce, a subject or theme)
    Cet article traitera de sujets très sérieux.This article will deal with very serious subjects.


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