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trans +‎ fan


transfan (plural transfans)

  1. (informal) One who is attracted to transsexual or transgender people.
    • 2008, Rusty Mae Moore, "Satan and Lady Babalon: Polymory Again at 64", in Trans People in Love (eds. Tracie O'Keefe & Katrina Fox), Routledge (2008), →ISBN, page 154:
      [] saying that she did not want to live if I wanted to throw her over for a man, especially a “transfan” type of man.
    • 2013, Linda Vista, Siva's Arrow, (2013), →ISBN, page 40:
      "Just make sure he's not a transfan. You know about them, right? Make sure if he's interested, that he's interested in who you are, not what you are."
    • 2015, Amy Daws, London Bound, Star Hollows Publishing (2015), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      "I'm...." he pauses, glancing over to Frank, then to me again, "I'm what they call a transgender admirer, or transfan. I'm attracted to transgender people," he concedes.

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