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From trans- +‎ fluorescence.


transfluorescence (uncountable)

  1. (physics, microscopy) Fluorescence of a material when the source of stimulating radiation is behind the object, from the point of view of the observer.
    • 1990, Linda J. Goff, Annette W. Coleman, DNA: Microspectrofluorometric studies, in Kathleen M. Cole, Robert G. Sheath (editors), Biology of the Red Algae, Chapter 3, page 45,
      For example, in contrast to transfluorescence microscopes, the intensity of illumination and consequently the amount of excitation energy increases as a function of increasing magnification.
    • 1999, Andrew Bullen, Peter Saggau, Optical Recording from Individual Neurons in Culture, in Uwe Windhorst, Håkan Johansson (editors), Modern Techniques in Neuroscience Research, page 98,
      Likewise in fluorescence applications, an epifluorescence configuration is normally chosen over transfluorescence.
    • 2006, Steven Saliterman, Fundamentals of BioMEMS and Medical Microdevices[1], page 319:
      Epifluorescence involves illuminating the specimen from above while in transfluorescence the excitation light comes from below the sample [Weeks, 2004].


  • (fluorescence when the radiation source is behind the object): epifluorescence

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