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tri- +‎ bar


tribar (plural tribars)

  1. A flag consisting of three stripes.
  2. An optical illusion, the Penrose triangle.
  3. A lexicographic symbol consisting of three vertically stacked dashes (≡) sometimes used to represent logical equivalence.
    • 2012, Alan Hausman, Howard Kahane, & Paul Tidman, Logic and Philosophy: A Modern Introduction, →ISBN, page 71:
      By varying the negations of the second premises and conclusion in the original argument, we can easily get all four lines of the table for the tribar.
  4. Triathlon handlebars on a bicycle.
    • 2015 April 30, “Exotic gear means a win by seconds in Brontë Wheelers time trials”, in Keighley News:
      Possibly the best bit of kit is the humble tribar. These either come as an expensive full handlebar arrangement on pure TT bikes or versions for those who only have one bike, and are much less expensive.
  5. (automotive) The arrangement of the signature stacked lights on a Ford Mustang.
    • 2013 December 6, Lawrence Ulrich, “Time for an Equestrian Transformation”, in New York Times:
      The rear end's signature tribar taillamps, which light up in sequence to signal turns, are rendered in eye-catching LED panels.
  6. A concrete structure made up of three lengths, or bars, separated by air pockets, which is used to construct revetments such as breakwaters.
    • 1996, J. E. Clifford, Advances in Coastal Structures and Breakwaters, →ISBN:
      The research reinforces previous conclusions that most breakage occurs due to impacts between moving units and that the central sections of dolosse and tribar are too slender to resist these impact loads.
    • 2014 January 22, Michael Field, “McConnell Dowell faces charges over death”, in Nelson Mail:
      Several workers were moving a concrete tribar near a 7600-volt power line.
  7. An equilateral triangle shaped weight,made for strength and conditioning, used for exercise and core workouts