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Trifold (display board)
Trifold used for passenger list
Trifold (wallet)


tri- +‎ -fold


trifold (not comparable)

  1. threefold
  2. Of a mirror: having three reflective surfaces hinged together.


trifold (plural trifolds)

  1. Any sheet of paper or cardboard, folded into three sections along two parallel creases and used to present information, typically as a brochure or display board.
    • 1993, Funworld - Volume 9, page 169:
      Are saddlestitched double-fold brochures more effective than simple trifolds?
    • 2002, Karen Kellaher, Story Writing: Grades 2-3, →ISBN, page 26:
      Before moving on to other aspects of story writing, have students create Character-Plot-Setting trifolds with ready-to-use tips on developing these three vital story elements.
    • 2005, Wendy Saul, Beyond the Science Fair: Creating a Kids' Inquiry Conference, page 5:
      That is, there is no pressure on parents to create high-end trifolds. Every student who puts in the effort gets to shine.
    • 2013, Ask a Tech Teacher, How to Achieve the Common Core with Tech: Writing Strand, →ISBN, page 43:
      How does a trifold help student organize thinking so communication is clearer?
    • 2014, International Monetary Fund. Fiscal Affairs Dept, Bolivia: Fiscal Transparency Assessment, →ISBN:
      Cards, bifolds and trifolds with information on public finances, debt, municipal finances, and other economic issues.
  2. A wallet with three equal-sized sections that fold together.
    • 1976, Clothes - Volume 11, Issues 16-24, page 61:
      Trifolds and credit card hip wallets have been interchangeably in the second slot for several seasons, and this Christmas it appeared that trifold sales edged ahead by a nose.
    • 1978, Men's Wear - Volume 176, page 33:
      A Dante spokesman estimated about 10 percent of the increase was attributable to higher prices. Best selling items were flatfolds and trifolds.
    • 1998 July, Robert Frick, “What Your Wallet Says About You”, in Kiplinger's Personal Finance, volume 52, number 7, page 97:
      A 1996 survey showed that men under age 20 buy three times as many trifolds as bifolds. So a trifold wallet becomes a habit, even after it has expanded to the size and shape of a jumbo bar of soap.
  3. Anything folded into thirds to resemble a trifold.
    • 1974, Spectrum - Volumes 50-51, page 26:
      Three plywood portable trifolds covered with burlap were assembled with hinges to divide the room at the pleasure of the displayers.
    • 1976, George Miller, Dorothy B. Ryan, & Dorothy Miller, Picture postcards in the United States, 1893-1918, page 149:
      Panoramic cards (two cards, folded) and trifolds (three cards) were occasionally issued in the Photochrome series and are rare finds today.
    • 1990, Rebecca Wittman, Brightwork: The Art of Finishing Wood, →ISBN, page 145:
      For handsanding detail areas, fold sandpaper quarters into trifolds.
    • 2008, Chefs Association of the Pacific Coast, Inc., The Culinarian - Volume 53, page 9:
      Holding strictly to the highest classical French standards, Grand Marque® Pate Feuilletee is made with 6 trifolds, yielding 1459 alternating layers of dough and Plugra® butter.
    • 2009, Niama Leslie Williams & Joseph William Massey, Joseph's Story, →ISBN, page 145:
      I close the door behind me and let the tears ride down my cheeks as I make trifolds of underwear, sheets and towels.
    • 2012, Chris Pavone, The Expats, →ISBN:
      There was a steel napkin dispenser, the napkins themselves those little trifolds that manage to be both flimsy and sturdy at the same time, which seems impossible, but is not.