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trimming (plural trimmings)

  1. The act of someone who trims.
    I gave a good trimming to my elderly neighbour's hedges.
  2. Material that is removed by someone trimming something, as a piece of steak.
    He gave the trimmings to the dog under the kitchen table.
  3. (historical) An ornamental accessory to a dress or other piece of clothing.
    • 1782, Frances Burney, Cecilia, I.i.5:
      “You must know I commissioned a particular friend of mine, Miss Moffat, to buy me a trimming when she went to Paris […].”
  4. An accessory or accompaniment.
    Christmas dinner with all the trimmings
  5. (colloquial, dated) A reprimand or chastising.
    to give a boy a trimming



  1. present participle of trim
    I am helping my elderly neighbour by trimming his hedge.