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trimming (countable and uncountable, plural trimmings)

  1. (uncountable) The act or process of someone who trims.
    Trimming hedges is easiest when the shears have recently been resharpened.
  2. (countable) An instance of that act or process.
    I gave a good trimming to my elderly neighbour's hedges.
  3. (countable) Material that is removed by someone trimming something, as a piece of steak.
    He gave the trimmings to the dog under the kitchen table.
  4. (historical) An ornamental accessory to a dress or other piece of clothing.
    • 1782, Frances Burney, Cecilia, I.i.5:
      “You must know I commissioned a particular friend of mine, Miss Moffat, to buy me a trimming when she went to Paris […].”
  5. An accessory or accompaniment.
    Christmas dinner with all the trimmings
  6. (colloquial, dated) A reprimand or chastising.
    to give a boy a trimming



  1. present participle of trim
    I am helping my elderly neighbour by trimming his hedge.