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tri- +‎ weekly


triweekly (not comparable)

  1. Occurring three times per week.
  2. Occurring once every three weeks.
  3. Published three times a week.
    • 1911, Eugene Field, Second Book of Tales[1]:
      And then it appeared to be forgotten, or, at least, men seldom spoke of it, and presently it came to be accepted as the popular belief that the robbery had been committed by a gang of desperate tramps, this theory being confirmed by a certain exploit subsequently in the San Juan country, an exploit wherein three desperate tramps assaulted the triweekly road-hack, and, making off with their booty, were ultimately taken and strung up to a convenient tree.
    • 2001 June 29, Michael Miner, “We Are Teachers, Hear Us Roar/Remembering Those Who Dodged”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      This string of daily papers in Aurora, Joliet, Elgin, and Waukegan, the triweekly Naperville Sun, and 13 Sun suburban weeklies, has been winning major press-photography awards hand over fist in recent years.



triweekly (plural triweeklies)

  1. A publication published three times a week.