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truth +‎ -er


truther (plural truthers)

  1. A person who believes the truth about a matter of importance has been willfully concealed by a powerful agency or confluence of agencies for malicious purposes, often with the implication that they themselves know the real "truth".
  2. A person who does not believe in the official or otherwise widely accepted account of an event, particularly a tragedy involving loss of life (assassination, mass murder, accident), and instead attributes it to a government conspiracy.
  3. A person who denies the mainstream account of the September 11th terrorist attacks and believes that the United States government has covered up the truth of the event. A conspiracy theorist who alleges:
    1. That the attack occurred with the foreknowledge of people in the government
    2. That the attack was a "false flag" perpetrated in whole or part by the government
    3. That the attack was perpetrated by any group other than Al Qaeda
    • May 22, 2006, George Washington, Social Proof, George Washington's Blog:
      Therefore, virtually every press release or statement about 9/11 should include a reference to the poll to show people that many Americans are 9/11 truthers who scoff at the 9/11 Commission as a fraud and that demand a real 9/11 investigation.
    • September 13, 2009, Stephen Collinson, New York reveals demands for new 9/11 probe may go to vote as Americans mark eighth anniversary, The Sunday Mail:
      The vote is likely to tear open old wounds as groups such as the "truthers", including actor Charlie Sheen who believe Americans have never been told the truth about what really happened on 9/11, try to persuade New Yorkers to open a new probe that would reinvestigate the attacks.
    • September 20, 2009, David Ignatius, Reading Iran by the Letter, The Washington Post:
      The Iranian president is even a "truther," insisting that there was a hidden hand behind Sept. 11, 2001. "Could it be planned and executed without coordination with intelligence and security services — or their extensive infiltration?" he mused in the letter to Bush.
  4. A person believing that elements of the United States government allow, fund, support, or perpetrate false flag attacks.
    • 2013, D Wittkower, Philip K. Dick and Philosophy
      For instance, "truthers" who believe in a US government conspiracy to destroy the pentagon
    • 2014, Lori, Badura, Tell It Like It Isn't (Page 226)
      Rather, believers of this conspiracy theory (known as Sandy Hook “truthers”) propose that the entire event might have been staged by Homeland Security and FEMA
    • 2014, Ralph Cinque, A review of the trailer of James Lambert's new film Group: alt.assassination.jfk
      ... because I think that we JFK truthers may be able to use this film to our ...

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