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turf out (third-person singular simple present turfs out, present participle turfing out, simple past and past participle turfed out)

  1. (transitive, informal, usually of a person) To remove or eject from a place.
    • 1921, P. G. Wodehouse, chapter 19, in Jill the Reckless:
      I'm feeling a bit pipped this morning—got turfed out of bed at seven o'clock and all that.
    • 1994 June 28, "Opinion: Now, Focus the President," New York Times (retrieved 16 July 2012):
      Mr. Gergen was supposed to give the White House a communications strategy. He did apply a few Band-Aids before longtime Clinton aides turfed him out of the inner circle.
    • 2002 Sep. 9, "Malaysia Gives Illegals the Boot," Time:
      Malaysia's drive to turf out illegal foreign workers turns disastrous.



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