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turf +‎ -y


turfy (comparative turfier, superlative turfiest)

  1. Of, pertaining to, or constructed of turf.
  2. (obsolete) Relating to or involved with horses or horse-racing.
    Synonym: horsy
    • 1852, Louisa Anne Meredith, My Home in Tasmania, London: John Murray, Volume 2, Chapter 11, pp. 154-155,[2]
      Good and fearless horse-women themselves, their whole delight seemed to be in the discussion of matters pertaining to the stable; and when meeting any young lady friend from a distance, the first questions were not enquiries after parents, sisters, brothers, or friends: no, nor even the lady-beloved talk of weddings and dress; but the discourse almost invariably took a “turfy” turn, that was, to say the least, unfeminine in the extreme.
    • 1854, Charles Dickens, chapter 6, in Hard Times. For These Times, London: Bradbury & Evans, [], OCLC 4389957, book the first (Sowing), page 36:
      Made up with curls, wreaths, wings, white bismuth, and carmine, this hopeful young person soared into so pleasing a Cupid as to constitute the chief delight of the maternal part of the spectators; but, in private, where his characteristics were a precocious cutaway coat and an extremely gruff voice, he became of the Turf, turfy.
    • 1895, Henry Seton Merriman, The Sowers, New York: Harper, Chapter 14, p. 121,[3]
      When a Frenchman is horsey he never runs the risk of being mistaken for a groom or a jockey, as do his turfy compeers in England.