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Alternative forms[edit]


horse +‎ -y.



horsy (comparative horsier, superlative horsiest)

  1. Of or relating to horses.
  2. Of a person or people, involved in breeding or riding horses.
  3. Of a graphic design or typographical treatment which is clumsy, clunky, or unrefined.




horsy (plural horsies)

  1. (childish or affectionate) A child's term or name for a horse.
  2. A game where a child rides on the back of another, who is on all fours.
    • 2000, Anique Devoe - I'm Ready
      When he got in the house, if I'd left him to read his newspaper in quiet, then he'd play horsey with me, riding me around the house on his back; I'd put a pillow on his back for my saddle
    • 2003, Bill Phillips - Eating for Life: Your Guide to Great Health, Fat Loss and Increased Energy
      When you get down on the floor and play “horsey”, you are giving yourself a heck of a workout – and it is fun for the kids!
    • 2005 Larry L. Meyer - No Paltry Thing: Memoirs Of A Geezer Dad
      The best barometer of my mounting physical limitations was the game of horsy. In my stallion's prime I could pack three little boys on my back at once and do the length of the hall in no time flat.