turn-up for the book

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turn-up for the book (plural turn-ups for the book)

  1. Alternative form of turn up for the book
    • 2011, Ismail Kadare, The Concert, →ISBN, page 412:
      Well I never, all these plenums! What a turn-up for the book, eh?
    • 2013, Maurice Procter, The Dog Man, →ISBN:
      When examined and identified, the jewelry in the nosebag was found to be loot from the Dog Man jobs; almost all the rings, brooches and watches which the man had stolen in Granchester. This 'turn-up for the book' eased matters considerably in the C.I.D.
    • 2014, Marjorie Owen, The Poison Pen, page 93:
      “Well! That's a turn-up for the book,” Jim said when Richard told him of the latest mystery.