turn-up for the books

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turn-up for the books (plural turn-ups for the books)

  1. Alternative form of turn up for the book
    • 2010, Nick Kent, Apathy for the Devil, →ISBN, page 189:
      What a turn-up for the books: the prettiest boy in the seventies pop stratosphere had prematurely gone to fat.
    • 2011, Nina Bawden, A Nice Change, →ISBN:
      What a turn-up for the books, Portia thinks, what a lark!
    • 2013, Scarlett Bailey, Just for Christmas, →ISBN, page 8:
      'Well now, that's a turn-up, Eddie Godolphin said, settling himself back into the only comfortable chair in the minuscule room. He picked up the plate of scones and stuffed one whole into his mouth. “That's a real turn-up for the books.' Or at least that was what Alex thought he said; it was hard to tell through the crumbs, cream and jam.