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Alternative forms[edit]


turn +‎ about


turnabout (countable and uncountable, plural turnabouts)

  1. The act of turning about so as to face in the opposite direction.
    • 1975, National Geographic, volume 148, page 380:
      It is a fine dance, fast and intricate, with many turnabouts. The women's long black hair swirls as they turn; []
  2. A change from one thing to its opposite, or from a situation to the reverse.
    • 1974 April 7, “People”, in Boston Globe:
      Any idea of how many transsexuals there are in America? About 10,000, some 1500 of whom have changed their sex by surgery. The male-to-female turnabout costs $3000-$5000, while the female-to-male process runs up to $12,000.
  3. A reversal of a decision or opinion etc; a change of mind or flip-flop.
  4. A merry-go-round.

Derived terms[edit]