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  • (US) IPA(key): /ˈmɛ.ɹi.ɡoʊ.ɹaʊnd/, /ˈmɛ.ɹi.ɡə.ɹaʊnd/


merry-go-round (plural merry-go-rounds)

  1. carousel; a pleasure ride consisting of a slowly revolving circular platform affixed with various types of seats, frequently horses or other animals, typically found at fairs and amusement parks
  2. a piece of playground equipment in the style of a merry-go-round
  3. (figuratively) A dead-end search; a bustle of activity that gets nowhere
    • 1997, Strangelove (band), The Greatest Show on Earth (song)
      There's no time for happiness today
      Got a date for lunch, a plastic tray
      Got a deal to sign her life away
      Got an early grave she's gotta make
      And we are all insane
      Hold on
      Slow down
      You'll never get to heaven on this merry-go-round []
  4. (rail transport) A freight train of hopper goods wagons which loads and unloads its cargo while moving



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