twelve-step program

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Alternative forms[edit]


twelve-step program (plural twelve-step programs)

  1. An entity or plan which assists people in recovering from addiction through which an organized series of actions, usually including group discussion with people having the same problem.
    • 1995, Christopher Jencks, The Homeless‎, page 46:
      Because punishment does so little to deter chemical addiction, liberal reformers usually prefer detox centers and twelve-step programs.
    • 1990, Bonnie Zimmerman, The Safe Sea of Women: Lesbian Fiction, 1969-1989‎, page 215:
      From consciousness-raising to coming out stories to twelve-step programs, the personal narrative has always held a place of honor in our community.
    • 1978, Margot Early, The Truth About Cowboys‎, page 34:
      And you need a twelve-step program. You've got a problem, and it's called rodeo.

Derived terms[edit]