two bob

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Alternative forms[edit]


two bob

  1. (Britain, Australia, obsolete) Two shillings; a florin.
  2. (Australia, slang) A 20-cent coin.
  3. (idiomatic, Britain, Australia) A trivially small value; often used attributively.
    • 1999, Barry Maitland, The Chalon Heads: A Kathy and Brock Mystery[1], page 181:
      Less flashy in its post-modernism than the MI6 building, more sober in its brick-framed glass curtain walling, Sally Malone would have pointed out that this was the two-bob side of the block, as against the half-crown riverbank site of the other building.
    • 1975 September 4, Monitor: Nova Honda brightens the night sky, New Scientist, page 515,
      Judging from the spectrum and the brightness Dr Stickland “wouldn′t give two bob either way”.

Usage notes[edit]

The use of two bob for a 20-cent coin derives from the equivalence of two shillings for 20 cents for the purpose of conversion during decimalisation (in 1966); since then, the term has slowly dropped out of usage and it is seldom used today.

Derived terms[edit]