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two +‎ penny


twopenny (not comparable)

  1. Having a value or cost of twopence.
  2. Cheap; worthless; petty.
    • 1940, Woman's Home Companion (volume 67, issues 1-4, page 134)
      As the door slammed Pete turned to Hally, fuming. "Can you tie that? A little twopenny cold frightening him off."


twopenny (countable and uncountable, plural twopennies)

  1. (Britain, countable, dated) A coin or stamp worth two pence.
    • 1852, Edward Litt L. Blanchard, Freaks and follies of fabledom (page 93)
      When the Gauls attacked Rome, he hit upon the plan of pelting the soldiers with twopennies to make them believe they had plenty to eat.
  2. (Britain, uncountable, obsolete) Ale sold for two pence per quart.

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