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Borrowed from a North Germanic language, compare Old Norse þykkr (thick, bulky), from Proto-Germanic *þekuz. Karelian tykky has the same origin. The noun sense was originally found only in the dialects of Kainuu and its surroundings, and has been adopted from there into the written standard language. Dialectal variant forms include tykkä, tyhkä, tyhkeä, tykevä.[1]


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Spruces covered with tykky.
  1. snow and rime that accumulates on tree branches and any solid structures in certain climatic conditions.


  1. (Southern Ostrobothnia) thick, sturdy

Usage notes[edit]

  • In Finnish-origin texts this term is often translated as "crown snow-load" into English, but that term does not seem to be used by native English writers.


Inflection of tykky (Kotus type 1/valo, kk-k gradation)
nominative tykky tykyt
genitive tykyn tykkyjen
partitive tykkyä tykkyjä
illative tykkyyn tykkyihin
singular plural
nominative tykky tykyt
accusative nom. tykky tykyt
gen. tykyn
genitive tykyn tykkyjen
partitive tykkyä tykkyjä
inessive tykyssä tykyissä
elative tykystä tykyistä
illative tykkyyn tykkyihin
adessive tykyllä tykyillä
ablative tykyltä tykyiltä
allative tykylle tykyille
essive tykkynä tykkyinä
translative tykyksi tykyiksi
instructive tykyin
abessive tykyttä tykyittä
comitative tykkyineen



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