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Borrowed from Middle French ultramontain, from Late Latin ultramontanus.


ultramontane (comparative more ultramontane, superlative most ultramontane)

  1. (theology) Respecting the supremacy of the Pope.
    • 1730 [1728], Jacques L'enfant, The History of the Council of Constance, vol. 1, trans. Stephen Whatley, pg. ix:
      'Tis no wonder that a Council which had declar'd itſelf ſuperior to the Popes, which had undertaken to try, and even to depoſe them, and had given ſuch great Blows to the Privileges, and to the Authority of the Cardinals, was not relith'd by the Court of Rome, nor approv'd of by the Popes or tlieir Divines, nor by the Ultramontane Canonists.
    • 1910 [August 13, 1800], Napoleon Bonaparte, The Corsican: a Diary of Napoleon's Life in his Own Words, trans. Robert Matteson Johnston, Houghton Mifflin, pg. 144-145:
      It was by becoming a Catholic that I pacified the Vendee, and a Mussulman that I established myself in Egypt; it was by becoming ultramontane that I won over public opinion in Italy.
    • 2010, September 12, Kevin McKenna, "Save Catholicism? The pope needs a miracle," The Guardian, [1]:
      My friend, a Scottish newspaper chief, has spent half a lifetime gliding across some of Fleet Street's more ultramontane and unreasonable titles.
  2. From the other side of a mountain range, particularly the Alps.
    • 1835, Lives of the Most Eminent Literary and Scientific Men, vol. 2, pg. 263-264:
      He was slenderly provided with means for his ultramontane journey; and he resolved to save all he could in Italy, that he might not be restricted when among foreigners.
    • 1905, David George Hogarth, The Penetration of Arabia: a Record of the Development of Western Knowledge Concerning the Arabian Peninsula, publ. Alston Rivers, pg. 231:
      A march of about forty miles from Sohar up wadys, with intermittent water in their beds, brought his party to the frontier of the Batina, and by a low pass (i860 feet) it crossed the dividing ridge into the ultramontane province, Dahira.
    • 2004, April 4, Jonathan Raban, "Deference to nature keeps Seattle from becoming world-class city," The Seattle Times, [2]:
      Whatever their physics, the spectacular ultramontane sunsets are an important part of Seattle's claim to be "a flower of geography" — as Henry James called the city in 1907, placing it in the company of Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Naples, Sydney, and San Francisco.


Derived terms[edit]



ultramontane (plural ultramontanes)

  1. Someone who acknowledges the supremacy of the Pope


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  1. inflection of ultramontan:
    1. strong/mixed nominative/accusative feminine singular
    2. strong nominative/accusative plural
    3. weak nominative all-gender singular
    4. weak accusative feminine/neuter singular



ultramontane f pl

  1. feminine plural of ultramontano