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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English umgang, umbegang ‎(circumference, circuit), from Old English ymbgang, ymbegang ‎(going about, going round, circuit, circumference, surrounding belt, a winding course, bend, a going about a business), from Proto-Germanic *umbi + *gangaz ‎(a going), equivalent to um- +‎ gang. Cognate with Dutch omgang ‎(dealing, handling), German Umgang ‎(dealings, handling), Danish and Swedish omgang ‎(game). More at umbe-, gang.


umgang ‎(plural umgangs)

  1. (Now chiefly Britain dialectal) A round about; a way around; detour.
  2. (Britain dialectal, chiefly Scotland) An instance of going or passing around; a trip.
  3. (Britain dialectal, chiefly Scotland) A circuit; circumference.